Why did I create this course?

Why I decided to create this course (this is also in an audio / mp3 version above)

Mom was who had the idea to do this course. In fact, she told me a couple of times before I decided to start pulling the course together. This is just one of the things her and I can do together now.

Mom transitioned in 1974. I was 13 years old, and there is so much I don’t remember about her – the day-to-day things, the family gatherings, the sitting down together for a meal, and so much more.

I wasn’t able to get to know her as a young adult growing up let alone an adult. 

It wasn’t until after I started learning about and connecting with Angels, in my forties, when I started looking at death as something other than death. It was an evolution of things, I’m sure. Let me explain.

Before then, I never really gave “death” much thought. You have a loved one who “dies,” there is a funeral, they are either buried or cremated, and not much after that. You miss them every day and maybe do something special on their birthday or holidays. Many people visit their gravesite and put flowers out for them.

I was never drawn to go to the gravesite. In fact, I did not, until the 30 year anniversary of her passing. I had to call my brother to even find out where it was.

If you have a loved one who was cremated, maybe there is a special place his or her ashes were spread or maybe an urn sits above the fireplace.

I didn’t really give it much thought, and I never really thought too much about continuing any kind of conversation with them. Not for a long time.

Then came the signs. There were messages, signs, symbols from not just Mom, but Dad and Grandma and my brother Chris. I started noticing them in my day to day things. Maybe not every day but most days.

Many years later, I wrote the book Signs From Your Loved Ones, which was really written by them. This was their way of sharing with me, and others, our loved ones are still here. Channel writing was somewhere in the middle of all of that because it was another way for me to talk with my loved ones in more of a conversational way. Hopefully, my process will help you on your journey of connection with your loved one.

As you go through this course, you may find there are things that spark other ideas for you and your loved one. Awesome. That is all part of it as well.

As I said, it was Mom’s idea to do the course. The agenda also came from Mom. Oh yes, I may have made some tweaks, but it really did come from her in one of my channeling sessions with her. I know channel writing with Mom has allowed our relationship to grow and expand. We have many conversations throughout the day. It also has helped with grief, releasing, moving through it and finding the gifts along the way.

Thank you, Mom, and thank YOU for being here. Your loved ones are excited that you have chosen this course. Of that I am sure.

Take your time doing the course with each of the exercises and the meditations. Each exercise, each meditation is another piece, another layer, to your connection with your loved one.

Remember, this course may have been Mom’s idea – and I refer to her throughout the course – but this is for whoever your loved one is. It may be one or both of your parents, it may be your grandparents or a sibling. It could be an aunt or uncle or another blood relative. It may also be a dear friend who was no blood relation at all. 

You will be able to use the techniques taught in this course to channel with any of your loved ones as well as your Angels, your Spirit Guides or an Ascended Master. That will be up to you and how you move forward.

Once I started working on this course, Dad popped up more and more. In fact, he woke me up two nights in a row at 3:12am. Dad’s birthday is March 12.

The first night I thought it was strange but thanked him and went back to sleep. The second night, I knew something was up and made a note to do a channel writing session with him the next day.

Just a few days before Dad waking me in the middle of the night, my uncle had transitioned. This was my dad’s brother, and they were the only boys out of five kids. I had an aunt who had transitioned quite a few years earlier. 

From the time I heard my uncle had passed, I could see Dad and his two siblings with their parents (my grandparents) sitting around drinking coffee in the kitchen. This is something they totally would do. 

I also had a feeling that Dad was happy to be sitting with his brother again and this brought a smile to me. I could also feel the immense sadness from my uncle’s family, for all those here and grieving.

I hadn’t thought that Dad had something to share about my uncle to pass along to my cousin. That’s exactly what he did though, once I sat down to have a chat with him. My cousin was very happy that I had sent the message to her.

Something like this may never happen to you ... and then again, it may.

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