What channel writing is and is not

I mentioned earlier that channel writing was really another way for me to have a conversation with my loved one(s). I could ask questions and get answers and really have a chat with them. I really could feel them with me.

There are other ideas people may have about what channel writing is and is not.

You may have heard other's beliefs, opinions or have some ideas about channel writing that you're unsure about and still have questions. I’ll tell you what I feel it is and what I feel it is not, from my perspective. You will need to make up your own mind, though there must be a pretty big part of you that already knows since you are taking this course.

Channel writing, the way I am presenting it in this course, is a way for you to communicate with your Loved One(s). It is a way for you to actually have a conversation. You can ask a question, and you get an answer. You can have a back and forth, flowing conversation as if they were sitting next to you or as if you were on the phone with them. 

As you will see the further you go in the course, I work with the Archangels and will call upon them to be there with me during any of the channel writing sessions I do. I feel fully protected when I am channeling.

You may have had other, well intentioned friends or family, share their opinion as to what they feel channeling is. If what they have said resonates with you, great. If it does not, you can set the intention to let their opinions go, with the upcoming meditation. Their opinions – their beliefs – do not need to be yours. You are free to have your own beliefs and opinions.

This also goes for beliefs of religious groups.

There are many who have written books which have been channeled by Angels, Ascended Masters, or other loving beings. 

Here are a few well-known people who channel and the loving beings they channel, who you may be familiar with:

  • Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll 
  • Abraham (Law of Attraction) channeled by Esther Hicks 
  • THEO channeled by Sheila Gillette 
  • We are The Power of 10 channeled by Michelle Paisley Reed

This is a very short list. These are loving beings who have messages for us all, all of humankind. 

Beliefs, like the clothes in our closets, can be gone through on a regular basis, releasing the ones which no longer fit and keeping the ones we resonate with.

Channel writing is not the devil’s work or evil. I do not associate channeling with any kind of religion. You most likely do not have these beliefs because you are here wanting to learn about it. 

If these are floating around in your thoughts you can choose to let them go as well in the upcoming meditation.

Resource: If you would like additional information on the channels above, there are links in the Resources section.

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